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How do paid surveys work?

You who read this have probably seen some sites that offer paid surveys that you do online. But how does it really work? How do you get paid to answer simple questions? The answer is actually quite simple.

These are companies that want information about their products, their competitors and opinions related to the industry they work in. Sometimes it also happens that the survey may contain some advertising. Many companies are willing to pay quite good money for this information and as a thank you for answering a survey, we give you a reward here at Ebuno that you can withdraw to PayPal.

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Who is conducting the surveys?

We are not conducting the surveys ourselves, but companies such as CINT and P2Sample do this. These companies are called "survey sampling" companies that handle the sales process between companies that are interested in creating a survey and getting answers. After a company like CINT has created a survey, they send the information to us so that we can show it to our users. When the survey is answered, CINT pays us a small amount of money and part of that amount is given to our users. We are therefore not responsible for which companies are conducting the survey and what questions are in it, but we only provide answers.

Paid surveys are not recommended to work with only because you do not make a lot of money from it. but it is a good way to get some extra money for lunch / coffee for example and very popular among students to get an extra penny in the pocket.

A little about CINT

CINT is a company started in Sweden and is a major supplier of surveys here at Ebuno. CINT's surveys are often easy and quick and easy to do. Our and CINT's systems work together to find surveys that match your profile, which is required by certain surveys.

How do I start with paid surveys?

Everything you need to to start is to register on a site that offers you money to do surveys like here on Ebuno. You can find even more pages like us if you search for " paid surveys ". Most sites have a smooth and easy process to register and get started so you can take your first survey within a few minutes. If you want to read more about how paid surveys work and what it means, you can visit our homepage here .

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