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Paid surveys online

Have you previously seen advertisements for paid surveys but which then turned out to only pay a few pennies after completion? At Ebuno, we offer paid surveys online that give good dividends, usually giving ten minutes to complete ten kronor in reward. We have been around since 2017 and have developed a unique platform for panelists.

How our paid surveys work online

The first thing you need to do before you can start answering our surveys is to register a account on our site. It goes pretty fast and the clearer you are when you answer the questions, the easier it is for you to get surveys to answer. You have to answer a few introductory questions to be able to fill in surveys, but we always try to match you with suitable surveys.

You get points for all completed surveys and you can then turn them into money that you over to your PayPal account. It is quick and easy to get paid and it is not just the penny but you can earn well if you regularly answer our surveys.

What are paid surveys online about?

Paid surveys can is about a little of everything possible and by answering the first questions, we at Ebuno can decide if you are suitable for answering a particular survey or not. We always try to offer you surveys so that you can make money regularly. In addition, there are various challenges that can give you extra points for even more rewards.

Usually the surveys are selected based on what you work with, where you live, your age and the like. You can clearly see approximately how long the surveys will take and what reward you will receive. It gives you the opportunity to choose based on how long you have. When it comes to what the surveys are about, it depends on which company provides them. It is usually about what you as a customer think about different stores, companies or products. Companies then use the information to improve their services.

How to register

The first step when registering on Ebuno is to enter your name, email address and choose a password. You then confirm the registration in an email you receive from us. After that, you will have to fill in information about what you work with, where you live, your household's common income and other questions that help us choose suitable surveys for you.

You must then fill in which PayPal address you want your rewards paid out and also confirm it to be sure that the money ends up right. Once you have completed the registration, it takes around two to three minutes, you can start answering surveys.

Help companies develop

When you fill out paid surveys online, you have not only the opportunity to make money, you also help companies to develop. Your answers are important to companies and help them move forward. The companies hire us at Enubo to conduct market research, which we then pay you for.

The surveys are a perfect way for you to influence companies that you may already be buying from or buying services from. These are not difficult questions and there are usually several answer options you can choose from, you rarely need to write detailed answers.

Available via both mobile and computer

Thanks to our availability in both computer and mobile, you can also fill in surveys just when it suits you. If you have long commuting times to and from work, it is not wrong to be able to make money in the meantime. The same applies if you need to wait for the bus for a long time.

How much do I earn on paid surveys online?

How much you earn depends on which surveys it is about, some pay more while others pay less. As we mentioned above, you can count on ten kronor for ten minutes of actively answering a survey, but some surveys pay better. Among other things, it has to do with the degree of difficulty of the survey and which company hired us to find people who want to answer it.

One thing is for sure and that is that it is easy and convenient to answer online surveys. In addition, it is more fun to participate in surveys when you get paid for it. We at Ebuno are an established, Swedish company so you can always trust to get your money.

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