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There are a variety of ways to make money online!

Making money online is both a smart, fun and easy way to increase your household cash.

Make Money Through Surveys

Examples of how it is possible to make money online is to join various survey panels such as, Din Åsikt and Mobrog. On these pages you answer surveys and then earn money or points that are taken out in e.g. gift card or to a PayPal account or a bank account.

Earn with membership

Another way to make money online is to review different memberships.

If you shop online in stores such as Åhléns, Apotek Hjärtat, Lagerhaus and Clas Ohlson to name a few, it is a very good idea to become a member and thus earn points for every purchase you make online in each store, these points is usually converted into a membership value check which is used for any online purchase and in the end you make money online easily and smoothly.

Make Money With Cashbacks

Another incredibly smart way to make money online is to always go through a refund / cashback page to get a refund on all online purchases.

Pages such as Refunder, Cashbacker, Shopbuddies and MyBonus have several hundred connected stores. A purchase of 2500 SEK at with a cashback / refund of 10% gives 250 SEK in a refund that you withdraw in real money, here is a lot of money to earn online!

It is also excellent to make money online by monitoring and comparing products and goods on sites such as PriceSpy and Pricerunner. You automatically receive notifications when a price reduction occurs on the products / goods that are monitored. Here you can earn large sums of money online, especially when larger purchases are to be made such as. a washing machine, a computer or a flat screen TV, it can separate thousands between different stores online on the same item.

Other ways

Finally, a creative way to make money online is to buy goods / clothes that are not in season. A very good example is to buy a spring jacket in the fall, a winter jacket in the summer or a pair of nice summer shoes during the winter, these items are often heavily discounted at online stores and you have quickly earned money online.

If you do not want to buy new, it is easy to use sites like Tradera and bid on used garments / shoes / goods that are not in season because they are least sought after then.

Never forget to go through a refund / cashback page for all online purchases, a great and fun way to make money online!

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