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Do paid surveys work?

Believe it or not, paid surveys actually work and you can make some extra money on it. Actually, it is not the very idea of ​​paid surveys that can make it a scam or not but the website that handles it. These are companies that want to get answers to various questions concerning their products so that they can improve and in exchange for a website like Ebuno getting a user to answer a survey with their opinions, the company pays money for it and so on. we can pay you as a user part of the reward. Of course, there are several similar companies that are not honest with their users and do not pay their withdrawals and then it can create a worry for people not to want to do paid surveys online when a single company is a scam.

Tips to avoid scam sites

There are some rules of thumb to follow in order not to end up on a paid survey page that does not pay

Do not pay for membership

Sites that require you to pay to participate in surveys can be dangerous. It is odd that a website that publishes money to do surveys charges a fee to join. Companies like Ebuno also get paid when a user fills out a survey and engaging users to do more surveys is significantly more profitable than charging just to sign up. Of course, not all websites that charge a membership fee need to be a scam, but on almost all major sites it is free to register and be a member.

Extreme payouts

Websites that claiming that you should earn SEK 50, SEK 100 or even more for short surveys is most likely a scam. A survey company cannot afford to pay that much for a small survey as they do not get anywhere near as much paid for an answer. This is a trick for users to think they have found an easy way to get "rich". They engage the user to take 10-15 surveys, but once they have to withdraw their money, it is not possible. Remember to make sure you get a reasonable reward for the research you do. Of course, there are also real surveys that can pay very well (up to SEK 40 for 10 minutes).

Most surveys that actually pay have smaller amounts in reward and to qualify you need to match the requirements of the survey. On Ebuno you can fill in a couple of profile questions so that the system will automatically match you to surveys you can qualify for.


Always look at what is reasonable and not. If you find parts of how it works that do not seem reasonable, such as extreme payments, stay away! Always be critical and careful, but it can always be worth a try.

We hope this article helps you understand how to distinguish a fake page from a real one. Of course, it is not always easy, but there are often parts that can help you determine the credibility.

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